“What lies Behind “Inflation-Phobia” and European “Corset Policy”?”

JOURNAL OF STOCK & FOREX TRADE 1:e106. doi:10.4172/jsft.1000e106

The present situation in the European Union (EU) provides an advantageous field for cutting edge research, basically due to the following reasons: first, given the systemic global crisis and the appearing structural weaknesses of European integration, policy meets (again) economics, in terms of the problematic that dominates the public debate, but also of the recognized necessity for going into the essential “second step” of political integration, next to the creation of €-zone. Second, the European area offers a historical experiment for the prospects and the wider effects of regional trade agreements and custom unions, as well as the expectations with respect to the process of economic internationalization. Hence, I strongly believe that scholars should invest effort and time in a thorough analysis of the recent developments in the EU, which, by the way, relates strongly to the very purpose of the Journal of Stock & Forex Trading. This leads to the main aspiration of the present editorial: to summarize personal views that may provide motivation for relevant contributions…

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